Denise Choppin bio

Revealed/Concealed: Real & Imagined Landscapes

This series of paintings explores landscapes, both real and imagined. Tangible details are juxtaposed with impressionistic features; including color fields, rhythmic elements, and shifting light. When I begin a painting I have a specific time and place in mind, and I have mentally curated the visual, aural and tactile perceptions of that place. My work is as much about the painting process itself as it is about a final image. That process consists of under-painting, layering, and scraping back – building each painting slowly. This results in a piece that is abstract yet still organic. In this series I have used interference paints to achieve the effect of light on water, of water on water, of the progression of light through the day. Interference paints vary substantially when viewed from different angles. These paints are semi-transparent, and I am using them as glazes to create depth. The overall effect is a multilayered investigation of hidden and revealed elements of the observed world.